New Year New Studio

New Year New Studio

Some dumb doodles.

Realistically I started this brand from my couch, but in 2020 I decided to invest in my own equipment thus establishing the first Takeout HQ from my spare bedroom.



The print companies I started with could no longer keep up with what little demand I had so I needed to take matters into my own hands. This soon became 900 some shirts in my backlog, and at best I could get 12 packaged in an hour. I would spend 12-16 hours a day printing to one day catch up to 0. These were good problems to have, but stressful none the less.



After 7 months working in the cave, I finally had enough consistency to require a 2nd printer which meant I also needed more space. I toured a few places in Highland Park and in the Downtown Arts District, but ultimately it became a timing issue. So I signed a lease in December, 2020 and Takeout 2.0 was born.



Check out more behind the scenes on my Instagram stories and reels! @takeoutorder


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Good Job really looks nice and a very professional setup. Keep up the good work.

Thomas Kelly

That ‘Haunted by my memories’ hoodie..when is it coming back??😭😭😭😭..I want one sooooooooooo bad


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