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gloomy toons and throwback vibes

Established in 2018, Takeout Order was born out of the necessity for self-deprecation. We know our weaknesses and shortcomings and aren't afraid to display them. Founder Dhanai Holtzclaw grew up a happy kid listening to sad music. He was a self-proclaimed emo geek surrounded by art, animation, technology, and punk-rock music. This created an outlook on life that would ultimately epitomize the culture that Takeout is trying to embody.

We're turning tears into t-shirts and we welcome you to join us! For those who fear the judgement of dining alone, we are thinking of you. 🖤

The Backstory

It was the summer of 1985, Madonna’s single “Crazy For You” goes #1, Michael Jordan is named rookie of the year, and in the small county of Bexar a child is born who would soon grow up to create the loneliest clothing brand that would ever exist.

Six years later Dhanai Holtzclaw sits in front of an MS-DOS PC, that his family picked up from CompUSA, creating and animating ascii art. This was a pivotal moment in Dhanai’s life, and perhaps unbeknownst to himself, this was the night he took a strong interest in design.

After Saturday morning cartoons, while juggling hide-and-seek with friends and eating vegetables with his parents, Dhanai managed to teach himself a suite of Macromedia and Corel products. These would later lead him to discovering Adobe.

Nearly two decades before music streaming really existed and piracy was at a high, Dhanai receives a CD burner as a “mom’s going away” gift. Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids and Finch opened up his greatest mix CD with Matchbook Romance, Senses Fail and The Used closing it out.

This passion for comical art, emo music and skateboarding is what drives Dhanai to create. Takeout Order is a byproduct of this devotion. 🤘🏼

Takeout Order


Timmy Takeout

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